At Climate Week NYC, the Carbon Call Welcomes 18 New Organizations 

Fast-growing corporate initiative now has nearly 60 organizations helping close the gap in underreported GHG emissions 

NEW YORK – September 20, 2022 – As climate changemakers convene at Climate Week NYC, the Carbon Call announced that 18 additional organizations have joined the global initiative to strengthen carbon accounting to be reliable, interoperable, and up to the task of measuring progress and challenges. New participating organizations and signatories include BSR, EDM Council, Greenly, Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, Icebreaker One, Kainos, Kearney, Minimum, Normative, OS-Climate,, Persefoni, Plan A, SSE, Steelcase, The Climate Registry, and XBRL International. Tata Consultancy Services expanded its involvement in the Carbon Call as a participating organization.

“Policy makers and regulatory authorities are increasing the requirements on companies to report GHG emissions. This increases the pressure on companies to accurately track, disclose, and manage their emissions and emissions data,” said Liv Watson, senior advisor and digitization lead at the Capitals Coalition and co-chair of the Carbon Call’s expert advisory group. “We’re excited for these organizations to contribute to the Carbon Call’s mission of helping corporates close the gap between reported and actual emissions.”

At Climate Week, the Carbon Call is hosting a workshop to review a draft roadmap for co-creating quick wins and recommendations toward a more interoperable GHG accounting system. ClimateWorks and the ICF Climate Center are developing the roadmap with direction and guidance from the Carbon Call’s expert advisory group. The roadmap will be released at COP27.

Watson added, “Strengthening GHG accounting and reporting system is urgently needed to take effective action to slash climate pollution quickly. We cannot make decisions about products, services, or companies based on a GHG report, inventory, or carbon footprint, if we cannot understand or share the data in a meaningful way.”

The Carbon Call brings together nearly 60 organizations representing scientific, corporate, philanthropic, and intergovernmental sectors to address gaps in global carbon accounting. Specifically, the Carbon Call focuses on addressing interoperability, which is critical for data accessibility, transparency, and reliability across the entire value chain. 

The Carbon Call includes signatories and participating organizations. Signatories support the enabling conditions needed for a more reliable global system of interoperable carbon accounting reports and commit to reporting GHG emissions and offset information comprehensively, including all scopes and classes of GHG emissions, annually and transparently. Participating organizations actively contribute to the Carbon Call’s mission and participate in the expert advisory group.

About the Carbon Call

The Carbon Call is an initiative to improve the reliability and interoperability of greenhouse gas accounting. Hosted by ClimateWorks Foundation, the Carbon Call mobilizes collective action, investment, and resources from scientific, corporate, philanthropic, and intergovernmental organizations to strengthen comparability among existing accounting systems and transparency initiatives. For more information about the Carbon Call, visit

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What the new participating organizations and signatories are saying:


“Reliable carbon accounting and interoperable systems can be a powerful enabler for the climate action we urgently need. BSR is proud to support the Carbon Call, an initiative which contributes exactly to those goals, in alignment with a wider ecosystem of actors.” – Giulio Berruti, Director, Climate team lead, BSR

EDM Council

“For greenhouse gases (GHG), different GHG accounting systems need an interoperable infrastructure to compare, share, and use information across the digital data ecosystem and make better decisions,” said John Bottega, President of the EDM Council, the global data management association. “EDM Council is proud to participate in Carbon Call as well as the development of the Digitalization of Sustainability Data (DSD) Lab to collaborate on best practices for interoperability of taxonomies, definitions, and dictionaries.” John Bottega, President of EDM Council


“Today, only about 20% of global carbon emissions are tracked and managed. At Greenly, we think this market must be radically disrupted by offering simple to use, affordable software for any business type, making carbon accounting & management as pervasive as financial management. This is the only way to put businesses on a path to Net Zero and limit global warming.” – Alexis Normand, CEO & Co-founder of Greenly

Greenhouse Gas Management Institute

“The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute has been working to build technical capacity among the GHG accounting community for over a decade and we are proud to contribute to the Carbon Call’s Expert Advisory Group. To meaningfully implement credible emission reductions target setting, tracking, and reporting, GHG accounting practices should strive to achieve technical excellence. Participating in the Carbon Call furthers our mission to support the community with the highest standards in professional practice in GHG accounting.” – Michael Gillenwater, Executive Director & Dean, Greenhouse Gas Management Institute

Icebreaker One

“We’re delighted that Icebreaker One is working with Carbon Call to speed up our progress towards net zero. Access to trusted data and interoperable systems are essential to delivering net zero, and we’re looking forward to working together to make it possible.” – Gavin Starks, Founder and CEO of Icebreaker One


“At Kainos, we are proud of our track record of being a responsible business and are focused on understanding, managing, and reducing any harmful environmental impact on our business activities. We are delighted that we achieved carbon neutrality in 2021 and are on track to achieve our ambition of being carbon net zero by 2025. Understanding our emissions and setting reduction targets underpins this aim, and so we are encouraged by the Carbon Call initiative and its work to improve the measurement and reporting of GHG emissions and removal.” – Brendan Mooney, CEO, Kainos


“Reducing carbon emissions across a business’ whole supply chain is no longer a problem for the next CEO, it is something that we have to confront, here and now, if we are to address the climate crisis. What can be measured can be managed, as the saying goes, and by addressing gaps in the existing global carbon accounting systems, the Carbon Call can help us direct our efforts to where they will be most needed. We’re delighted to be a part of this collaborative purpose-led endeavor consistent with our own mission to Be the Difference. Our fantastic team is ready to work closely with the Carbon Call in creating reliable, interoperable and comprehensive accounting, fit for 2022 and fit for the task ahead of us.” – Alex Liu, Managing Partner and Chairman, Kearney


“With Minimum’s mission statement to be the default climate operating system for all businesses, we are fully aligned with the aims and ambitions of the Carbon Call to deliver a more reliable and interoperable carbon accounting system for the planet.” – Freddie Green, Co-founder and COO at Minimum


“As the climate crisis deepens, companies are facing increasing pressure to take action. We must all do our part to uphold the Paris Agreement and reach net zero emissions by 2050. By supporting companies around the world to manage their emissions, Normative works to facilitate this every day. Being the norm is also about walking the walk, which is why we’ve set our own climate target to reach net zero emissions by 2030. In joining the Carbon Call as Signatory, we are proud to engage with world leaders to improve access to data and science that is reliable, accurate, and actionable, so that we can help companies to reach true net zero.” – Kristian Rönn, CEO and Co-Founder, Normative


“OS-Climate is proud to be a Participating Member of the Carbon Call and is committed to bringing to this important initiative the knowledge and capabilities of the 400-person OS-Climate Community of asset owners, asset managers, banks, technology companies, universities, and technical NGOs. The non-profit, transparently governed, open source public utility of data and analytics the Community is jointly building can help the Carbon Call achieve its vital mission.” – Truman Semans, Founder and CEO, OS-Climate

“We are committed to building a carbon neutral supply chain for our industrial sector customers and partners.” – Rajib Saha, CEO,


“At Persefoni, our mission is to enable every organization to be climate conscious and positive with the world’s best climate software and data products. In achieving this mission, we believe the largest climate impact we can have as an organization is providing carbon visibility to our customers, in turn unlocking more proactive and real-time carbon management, however, we also believe it is absolutely critical to lead by example, take aggressive action on our own carbon footprint, and make commitments that demonstrate our dedication to supporting urgent and universal action on climate change. Solving the climate crisis will rely on collaboration and acknowledgment that reliable carbon data is part of the problem. As a company built on enabling companies to generate investment-grade carbon data based on the GG Protocol, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the work that the Carbon Call is leading and be part of developing a more reliable and interoperable carbon accounting system for the planet.” – Kentaro Kawamori, CEO and Co-Founder, Persefoni

Plan A

“Reliant and consistent carbon accounting methodologies are fundamental for the effective decarbonisation of our economy. Plan A is looking forward to being able to contribute to this global roadmap alongside key stakeholders, leading the sustainability and carbon agenda of business.” – Lubomila Jordanova, Founder and CEO, Plan A


“SSE is wholly committed to combat climate change and has set science-based targets on the 1.5°C power sector pathway, in line with the latest climate science. Publicly disclosing progress against its Net Zero Transition Plan is key to demonstrating the integrity of that plan to our stakeholders. We take great care in preparing our greenhouse gas inventory, but we know there will always be ways to improve it. By becoming signatories of the Carbon Call, we hope to contribute to the development of more precise and accurate means of greenhouse gas reporting and allow a greater opportunity for public scrutiny, too.” – Rachel McEwen, Chief Sustainability Officer, SSE


“At Steelcase, we’ve long been committed to protecting the environment and acting with integrity. In that spirit, we’ve been publicly reporting our emissions for over a decade and are working towards a set of ambitious science-based targets, so we are thrilled to sign on to the Carbon Call in alignment with those efforts. Steelcase is committed to doing what’s right and coming together around work that drives real impact. By pledging to continue our regular, transparent, and comprehensive accounting and reporting, we support the Carbon Call in its efforts to catalyze reliable, universal, and accessible accounting and reporting as the bedrock for meaningful action on climate.” – Mary Ellen Mika, Sustainability Director for Steelcase Inc.

Tata Consultancy Services

“The need to decarbonize the planet has become a priority among world leaders, and while many enterprises have set net-zero emissions goals, the tactics are individualistic. At TCS, we believe an ecosystem-led approach is imperative to creating reliability and interoperability for carbon accounting. That is why TCS is proud to join the Carbon Call, where we can partner with like-minded organizations to improve carbon accounting systems globally and ultimately help achieve a net-zero emissions future.” – Kamal Upreti, Vice President and Head of Industry Group, Tata Consultancy Services

The Climate Registry

“We’re proud to support efforts to advance best practices in carbon accounting.” – Amy Holm, Executive Director at The Climate Registry

XBRL International“The Carbon Call represents a global and insistent challenge: to bring all our ingenuity, all our innovation, all our people, and all our unique and diverse perspectives together to collaborate on solutions to the greatest problem of our age: climate change. At XBRL International, we’ve been working for 20 years in the public interest to help ensure that high-quality, reliable, and decision-useful reporting data is accessible to the people that need it. We are now applying our experience with financial data to the task of making climate information as comparable and transparent as possible. We are delighted to be putting our shoulders to the collective wheel to help accelerate the work needed to effectively measure, report, verify and access GHG and related information worldwide.” – John Turner, CEO, XBRL International Inc.