Meta, Carbon Trust, and others join the Carbon Call to advance reliable emissions accounting

As companies face new carbon reporting regulations, the Carbon Call grows to over 70 members in its first year.

The Carbon Call works with companies to better discover, understand, and share greenhouse gas emissions data.

SAN FRANCISCO – March 9, 2023 – To celebrate its first anniversary, the Carbon Call today announced ten new members representing scientific, corporate, legal, and philanthropic organizations working to advance carbon accounting: Bon Conseil, the Carbon Trust, ClimateCamp, CMS, GLEIF, Meta, ODI, Open Earth Foundation, Terrascope, and Wikirate.

The Carbon Call is a fast-growing global initiative hosted by ClimateWorks Foundation to help close the 8.5 to 13.3 billion ton gap in underreported greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In its first year, the Carbon Call expanded to over 70 member organizations, hosted an event at COP27, and launched a roadmap to interoperable carbon emissions reporting.

Helen Mountford, CEO and president of ClimateWorks Foundation said, “Companies face considerable constraints when gathering, interpreting, and sharing GHG data. This is limiting global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Carbon Call helps address these constraints by bringing together a network of public and private sector leaders to ensure we have a strong, reliable, interoperable accounting system to help leading companies and countries transition to a sustainable future.”

More interoperable data increases data transparency for companies and governments, builds confidence among regulators, and helps share new data methodologies. Solutions to achieve interoperability include a shared vocabulary via a digital “smart” dictionary, developing metadata requirements, and improving companies’ ability to find relevant GHG information through discoverable data. The Carbon Call member organizations are exploring these solutions and more as the need for more reliable GHG accounting becomes more acute.

“At Meta our mission is to help people build community and bring the world closer together,” said Edward Palmieri, global director of sustainability, Meta. “We are committed to combating climate change and believe that it is imperative to form meaningful partnerships to scale our impacts. That is why we are excited to join the Carbon Call community to develop and share solutions to strengthen carbon accounting. We can only properly address the emissions that we can accurately measure, and we hope our collective effort will accelerate the solutions we need to improve GHG measurement and, ultimately, our impact on tackling climate change.”

Since its inception in 2022, the Carbon Call has actively worked to identify and address constraints in GHG emissions reporting and serve as a problem-solving collective to drive innovative solutions forward. The initiative mobilizes collective action, investment, and resources to create more interoperable carbon accounting. ClimateWorks, Microsoft, KPMG, Deloitte, and the United Nations Foundation are a few founding members who represent a breadth of corporate and philanthropic sectors.

“Reliable and interoperable greenhouse gas emissions measurement is key to tracking our progress to a net-zero carbon economy,” said Melanie Nakagawa, chief sustainability officer, Microsoft. “The Carbon Call is now one year into critical work to strengthen carbon accounting, with solid member collaboration and a focused roadmap. As a founding signatory, Microsoft welcomes new members to join so we can all measure emissions the same way.”

The Carbon Call supports more interoperable GHG accounting and reporting for companies to better assess, reduce, and report GHG emissions. Increased mandatory regulations for emissions reporting, including new requirements from the European Union and the United States, are expanding the scope, detail, and complexity of emissions reporting. Expert groups at the Carbon Call explore best practices and solutions for comparing, sharing, and using GHG emissions data, allowing companies to comply with reporting requirements in a mandatory carbon accounting landscape.

About the Carbon Call
The Carbon Call, a ClimateWorks Foundation-hosted initiative, mobilizes collective action, investment, and resources to strengthen a more reliable and interoperable carbon accounting system for the planet.

Media Contact
ClimateWorks Foundation: Jennifer Rigney,

What the new members are saying:

Bon Conseil

“Bon Conseil is committed to sustainability and we believe that Carbon Call is uniquely placed to bring all the stakeholders together in creating the right impact for a Sustainable Future for the current and the future citizens of the planet.” — Urmish Mehta, Partner, Bon Conseil

The Carbon Trust

“The number of businesses setting Net Zero targets is scaling rapidly. Now more than ever, reliable carbon accounting and reporting tools must underpin robust decarbonisation strategies and assurance services. A standardised approach to storing and sharing carbon footprint data is an essential building block in this journey. The Carbon Trust will use its experience and expertise from footprinting and assuring hundreds of products and value chains to support Carbon Call’s efforts to advance the interoperability of tools and software in the carbon management ecosystem.” — Martin Barrow, Director of Footprinting, the Carbon Trust


“ClimateCamp is committed to improving interoperability in greenhouse gas emissions accounting, and we recognize the value of CarbonCall’s Roadmap in achieving this goal. We believe that linking to existing open standards and reference models is essential to increase the transparency and quality of data shared, and we are pleased to align our implementation with CarbonCall’s Roadmap. ClimateCamp is excited to work with CarbonCall and other stakeholders to improve interoperability in greenhouse gas emissions accounting, making a positive impact on our planet and addressing the critical challenge of climate change.” — Stijn Gysemans, CEO and Co-Founder, Climate Camp

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

“As a future facing law firm, we are committed to addressing our impact on the environment. We have publicly committed to science-based targets and report our full scope of emissions on an annual basis to monitor progress. We believe in being transparent, accountable, and auditable to our staff, suppliers, and clients.” — Barbara Mendler, Managing Director Strategic Projects & Operations, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP


“Sustainability goals are worldwide objectives — they don’t stop at borders and can only be achieved by looking at the entire supply chain of products and services on a global scale. Transparency of all actors along the supply chain is a prerequisite for any qualified reporting or analysis. As the co-lead of the ‘discoverable data’ subgroup, we have strong credentials that will allow us to create transparency in sustainability reporting to support the Carbon Call roadmap released at COP27.” — Stephan Wolf, CEO, GLEIF


“Open data and data infrastructure are at the heart of the collaboration needed for climate action. Our support for the Carbon Call, as part of our partnership with Microsoft’s Open Data Campaign, has been to ensure that transparency, accountability and quality are at the heart of data for net zero.” — Lisa Allen, Director of Data and Services, ODI

Open Earth Foundation

“Carbon Call has displayed clear leadership in driving GHG interoperability in the past year. The three emerging solutions that Carbon Call has identified in their roadmap with digital smart dictionaries, discoverable data, and metadata requirements are all aligned with the work that Open Earth is doing to drive digital infrastructure for climate.” — Louisa Durkin, Director of Partnership and Impact, Open Earth Foundation


“Business leaders make mission-critical strategic and financial decisions to plan their company’s climate transition. Demand for carbon accounting is growing fast, and solutions must scale with it. The Carbon Call brings important players together to collectively enable the most accurate, transparent and comprehensive carbon data possible, for the benefit of people and the planet.” — Lia Nicholson, Chief Sustainability Officer, Terrascope


“More, better and accessible data on company GHG emissions is key to knowing what needs to be done to course correct and save our planet. We are excited to join Carbon Call, a community of insightful actors who are working together to solve this pivotal data challenge.” — Laureen van Breen, Managing Director, Wikirate